Neurosurgery (Male) Ward is temporarily located at EENT ward since 11th September 2013, sharing the ward with ENT and Ophthalmology ward. There are 18 beds inclusive of 2 HDU beds for Neuro cases.

Neurosurgery (Female) is sharing a ward with Female Surgical with 8 beds allocated.

Neurosurgery (Paed) cases will be admitted to Paed Surgical Ward.


  • To provide timely neurosurgical and spine services for both emergency and elective cases in Central Zone Sarawak
  • To provide outpatient clinic services for continuation of follow up in Central Zone
  • To prepare and stabilize patients for referral to the Neurosurgery Department in Sarawak General Hospital whenever indicated.
  • To provide continuation of patient care after discharge from other Neurosurgical centers all over the country.
  • To provide 2 monthly visiting clinics to Hospital Kapit for outpatient follow up, in order to ease financial constraints of patients
  • To provide a formal training platform for Medical Officers interested in pursuing Neurosurgery as a specialty
  • To encourage the Nursing staff for further self-development and obtain post basic training in Neurosurgery
  • To organize a 2-yearly Basic Neurosurgery Update for Central Zone Sarawak with special attention to peripheral district staffs in order to improve neighbouring services

Scope of Services

  • Inpatient Services
    • Elective and emergency surgeries
    • Referrals from district hospitals
    • Referrals from other disciplines
    • Nursing care: rehabilitation and wound care
    • Palliative care
  • Outpatient Services
  • Neurosurgery OPD
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Facilitate surgical training for KKM junior staffs:
    • House Officers UD 41
    • Medical assistants
    • Nursing students
  • Facilitate surgical training for medical colleges and nursing colleges:
    • UNIMAS medical students
    • Segi Medical College medical and nursing students
    • ITA College nursing students
    •  KPSL nursing students