Jabatan Psikiatrik


The Department of Psychiatry provides effective psychiatric care and treatment toward psychiatric patients, and psychosocial rehabilitation to patients to enable them to be functional socially and economically in the local community. The department also gives follow up treatment and effective psychoeducation and counseling to patients and family members to promote insight in the patient’s illness.  This unit also offers community mental health services that is community psychiatry nursing, which helps to reduce the relapse rate among the patients and to support patients or family members who have to bear the burden of taking care of the patients and to reduce stigma.


  1. To provide efficient treatment and optimal psychiatric nursing care to the patients with psychiatric problems.
  2. To provide optimal rehabilitation to the patients in order to help them to resume their function in the community.
  3. To provide efficient follow-up treatment and psycho-education in the community in order to reduce the relapse rate and the burden of the caregiver.

Scope of services

  1. Inpatient Service  ( Ward 32 & 32A )

Provision of acute in-patient psychiatric care to the patients aged above 12 years.

  • Outpatient Service ( Room 48 )

To function as a secondary referral centre by providing diagnostic, therapeutic and psycho-counseling services to new referrals from the polyclinics, the surrounding district hospitals and general practitioners. To provide regular follow-up treatment and counseling to the patients.

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation ( Ward 32 )

Provision of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy Department and Community Mental Health Centre Jalan Oya).

  • Community Psychiatric Nursing

Provision of regular home visits (follow-up treatment and psycho-education) to the patients and their family in order to encourage strong family support for the patients and to reduce the relapse risk.  Community Psychiatric Nursing (CPN) shall cover the suitable patients living within 25 km radius from Sibu Hospital.  Community Mental Health Centre (CMHC) at Jalan Oya Sibu (based on the Mental Health Act 2010 (MHA 2010) was set up in 29 June 2012 and subsequently had been gazetted.